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Home > What's New > Arabic coffee and shisha are the same thing
  • Arabic coffee and shisha are the same thing2011-08-18
  •    For thousands of years, the Arab nomads - Bedouin wore Yanfeng Lie Day, braving Desert Storm, with their camels to the distant valley oasis. Accompanied by scattered distribution of tents, curl of smoke, as well as desert nomads to bring joy and hope Tuoling Sheng, which constitute almost all the people the impression that the Arab desert scene. But since the 1950s Middle East oil production has been rolling in oil wealth changing this ancient land, where changing patterns of life and lifestyle of people. As if overnight, the modern building replaced the tent, a modern car instead of camels, a modern highway replaced the dirt road ... but for thousands of years to form some of the traditional customs of the impact of modern civilization is not only not disappeared, but in further promoted today, such as that over the streets of the unique characteristics of Arab shisha cafes and museum.

    Fantastic coffee culture

    Coffee in the ancient Middle East, like "Arabian Nights" in the mythology, and if a veil is kept Qianmiannvlang. It is said that close to God can help, but also washing sad springs. Speaking of Arab coffee culture, without mentioning the Middle East (Turkey) coffee. Because the position in terms of Islam, or Christianity, said coffee origin, and its home is in the distant mysterious Middle East. Coffee formally introduced into Turkey in the 16th century, began commercial, and quickly spread to continental Europe, popular in Greece, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and other places. As the Chinese people drink tea, drink a tea culture, with Mr. Lao She described the "tea." Arabs drink coffee, and drink out of their own taste. Although Arab countries have a variety of supermarket parking to products, such as: Nestle coffee and the like, but usually in the cafe are two main coffee when the property was used as Turkish coffee and Arabic coffee, from their approach can also feel far they kept the early ritual mystery.

    Turkish coffee the traditional approach is to stir the thick black after roasting coffee beans ground into fine powder, together with sugar and cold water into the copper material as deep as the coffee spoon with cooking, the slow cooking over low heat. The repeated process of mixing and processing of water, about 20 minutes later, a small cup of bitter in his mouth, rich aroma of Turkish coffee to complete. Arabian coffee production methods and other methods of difference is: it's production is carried out in the Arab coffee pot. It is a small copper pot, a long handle. Fine the first two spoons of coffee powder, a spoonful of sugar and a cup of water into the pot to heat, when the water boil, the coffee pot will take away some heat. General water, boil 3 times, you can pour coffee drinking. Sheng Sheng than this coffee cup ceramic cup of Turkish coffee, a smaller pocket, inside the coffee is only a small mouth, more bitter taste. Two coffee drink early are not in the habit of people, accustomed to the smell of them to the goods out. Local coffee is not filtered, so thick like a cup of soup in a cup of coffee down, not only with sticky foam on the surface, bottom of the cup there will be residue. According to personal preferences, the Middle East can gading fragrant coffee, cardamom and cinnamon, coffee, brought out when the steaming time, themselves in fragrance, like musk, it is no wonder that the Arabs generally praised the audience's soul.

    Shisha against juice

    In Arab countries, cafes and shisha are often combined the museum. For Arabs, sipping coffee while pumping smoke is definitely a pleasant experience. Pumping smoke an Arab novelist described the scene said: "The clouds, the water drunk in the smoke fans, the classic time reminding us of scenes back, back to the distant past." Western media have commented that the idea of ​​Arab intellectuals, the installed in their snuff.

    According to authoritative Western scholars, has shown signs of 
    Hookahs in India, after the Persian fashion, gradually swept the Arab world. Arabs will be developed to the point of culmination hookah. Hookah originally made with a coconut shell, is now a wide variety, into a work of art. Each of its parts by a dedicated craftsmen meticulously made and named by craftsmen. From the expensive, Tin Hookah, tobacco bowl, pipe and cigarette holder 4 parts. Expensive, usually made of glass or steel, but also ceramics, inlaid with gold, silver or coral and other precious materials. Expensive, looks like a glass bottle, it is the base used to hold water. Water to clean the soot emitted by burning tobacco, played the role of nicotine filter. Smoke a bowl on the pot body, it has a small metal plate, used for holding charcoal. The above is a loaded plate cup bowl of tobacco. Bowl covered with a conical "hat", even if the wind will not be extinguished flames. Tobacco burning charcoal also pay attention to, people like to use oak charcoal burning, because it burns the most durable, and it's not choking smoke. Pipe connected to expensive, and a pot pipe can be inserted multiple people can share a hookah. Pipe at the end of carved amber cigarette holder generally spend other.

    Experience required pumping smoke, smoke pot of tobacco use at least half an hour. Hookah in people with cold water first, then assemble the other parts of snuff. Pipe and smoke block the main junction with a rubber band, rubber band it to wet, to ensure that all interfaces are tightened. Hookah pipe inserted in about 3 cm below the surface. Finally, squeeze a handful of thumb-sized tobacco smoke on the bowl. When the tobacco when smoked quickly, the throat will feel acrid taste, then add tobacco that had.

    Hookah tobacco used in cigarettes or cigars and general different, the last of the water main is the tobacco imported from Iran black tobacco. This fresh red tobacco, to wash a few times before use. Now, Egypt and Bahrain, the fruit of tobacco products to replace the traditional black tobacco. Fresh fruit and tobacco from the tobacco leaves, dried fruit and honey made from the meat. Smoking, people in the snuff-box of water add apple juice, sour cherry juice, grape juice, orange juice, lemon juice, pomegranate juice or rose oil, or wine, etc., to make the smoke thicker taste, smell fragrance fragrance. It is estimated that these tobacco hookah tobacco with 30% and 70% of the fruit and syrup. However, hookah tobacco is still very fresh, if people with ordinary pipe, smoked will Piqiang dizzy, and a long hookah can play the role of filtering and relaxation, so smoke to form a thin stable plume.

    Coffee (hookah) Hall is the most important social place Arabs. Especially the Arabs seem to love God, to give them sufficient leisure. When night fell, coffee (hookah) Museum has become one busy place. People leisurely sitting together, while far apart to talk of God, while you pass the one I have a hookah. Into the coffee (hookah) Museum, is also part of everyday, nothing is there. From the civilian population, blue-collar and white-collar to upper class of the dignitaries. Therefore, coffee (hookah) Museum be divided into 369 and so on. A simple, cost-effective; the originality, attention to mood; also quiet environment, warm and comfortable. Arabs drink coffee, pumping smoke as they work the same, slowly.

    They travel tour zai zai sip coffee, hookah,
    Hookah Accessories ,chitchatting, taste each other Youran conversation, to enjoy the pleasures of life. The same as the Chinese tea ceremony, in Coffee (hookah) and even a museum where they pay attention to the Coffee Road, drinking coffee is not only to incense, but also sprinkle spices, aroma. Coffee pot with assortment, smoking and air smelled of smoke flavor, all of this and make it more full of fantasy-like style.
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