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  • Feature Of Hookah2011-08-29
  • (1) well-known health hazards of cigarettes, but smokers, quitting is very difficult. Hookah smoking can be obtained with the same enjoyment, and to moving away from nicotine poisoning.Shisha
    (2) fruity hookah from Arab countries, because the basic non-nicotine, but also has rich fruit, has become the latest European and American consumer fashion. This hookah was pumping a half an hour, the equivalent of 18 cigarettes, but the toxins are only a few percent of a cigarette, hookah tobacco because tobacco is 30% and 70% of the fruit and syrup form. Will not pose any human health hazard, will not let third party passive smoking, the air will keep the fruit flavor.
    (3) hookah looks particularly beautiful and practical, it uses fruit tobacco, heated by charcoal, and then from water to filter to remove tar, nicotine, was respirable.
    Smoking Water Pipe
    It is the fruit tobacco musk, borneol mainly composed of ten to twenty herbs a traditional recipe, a line of gas active, enlighten and refresh, soothe the nerves and spleen, Xuanfei phlegm, anti-inflammatory pain, a lot of detoxification effect, taking during the process of hookah is actually a medium medical therapy. Even if you do not smoke cigarettes and cigars of good practice, may also wish to bags hookah, ensure you eliminate annoying recover from fatigue, refreshing shun gas.
    There are 30 different hookah flavors: Raspberry, strawberry, rose, cherry, peach, orange, licorice, vanilla, pineapple, jasmine, etc.
    Hookahs is very popular in many countries in the world is smoking hot and healthy way, especially the Arab countries, more than 500 years. Currently, the popularity of European and American university students and the community pumping Hookah. Smoking is a new generation of fashion and leisure, fragrant smoke, in the United States, Europe and other countries swept the popular choice to become interested parties to fashion, are widely used in home, foreign restaurants, cafes, clubs, upscale hotels, restaurants and other places, have become a high-end gift. Health, hygiene, gentle, elegant.Hookah Wholesaler
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