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  • Hookah2010-03-31

  • Hookah in Western countries, the common name of the Hookah shisha, also known as "NARGILE", hookah has shown signs in India, after the Persian pop, gradually swept the Arab world. Arabs hookah developed to an extreme degree. For the Arabs, the pumping pipe is absolutely delightful enjoyment of tobacco and hookah tobacco is not the same as normal, it is prepared fruit and Chinese medicine made of several , the effectiveness of each fruit is different, some depression, some headache, some cure stomach ailments and so on.
    While some people believe that hookah is tobacco an introduction by the Europeans and the Indian, because Europeans see the American Indians smoked tobacco with gourd, but not necessarily the case.
    As Alexander points out, "like the usual pipe, Turkey, a long pipe, or hookah, as those trying to write the official history of tobacco that the tobacco people who originated in the United States, and the spread of tobacco use patterns originated in Europe. This the view that Asians and Africans taught Europeans how to smoke, especially through cigarette smoke discipline them. The inferred result is that before the arrival of tobacco in Europe, Africa, and any other places are not marijuana. "
    For the honor of invention hookah, India is clearly the most powerful competitors, because India is likely that Iran will hookah spread through the Middle East.

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