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  • Hookah2010-04-07
  • Some experts said the old habit of smoking tobacco in the tobacco and secondhand smoke is dangerous.
    Unless you happen to know its history or in this movement, otherwise you will not have heard of Chicago hookah.

    Old way of smoking tobacco popular in Chicago. According to CBS 2 Medical Editor Mary Ann Childers reports that hookah cooing means that health officials very worried about a trend.

    Was invented 500 years ago. Now, hookah smoking popular among young people.

    “Most people try hookah for the first time, their faces priceless. And then they like it better like that,” Guess Hookah John Coakley said.

    In the past few years, at least 30 new hookah bar and lounge opened in the Los Angeles area.

    “Hookahs are calm, pleasant,” said Stacey Williams hookah smokers. “This is a relaxed atmosphere.’s Just chill.”

    In a shisha, burning charcoal heats flavored tobacco through water before inhalation and then cooling.

    “It’s no cigarette or cigar stimulation,” Samah Hookah Lounge Gabriel Alvarez said.

    But some health experts say this is actually harmful.

    Hookah fans said was worth the risk.

    “Smoking has health concerns,” Sigara’s Mark Heinzel said. “I think everyone who choose to smoke should be aware of the dangers of smoking.”

    But working with the Smoke-free Illinois Act exemptions for hookah lounges to fight lung association, they estimate will attract foreign hookah shisha smokers may not smoke to water absorption.

    “It bothers us because it attracts children to attract college students,” Africk said. “Some people said hookah lounges are just a fad, like the 20th century, like 90’s cigar bar.”

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