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  • Hookah Bag2010-04-22
  • Water pipe, also known as hookah, hookah pipe. Water pipe smoking is a traditional Chinese way.

    Water pipe smoking, smoke from the water off, the smell alcohol. Lu Yao Qian Long poems before the middle of "smoke spectrum" referred to the case of smoking water: "Water in the mouth it first, so although the intense smoke and not subject to its toxic nature of ... ... or to tin spoon filled with water, and another tube inserted Yu in Pangchu a head, such as crane, so that smoke from the water off, I still Fujianese first with cool water views. "

    Water pipe mostly copper-nickel alloy production, also bronze, brass or tin production. Wealthy water pipe is more particular about some of the cigarette holder have to jade, agate, and connect some of the gold and silver inlay. In the farm, the water pipe have to bamboo who often unique style.

    Empress Dowager Cixi many hobbies, one is hi addicted to hookah, also in the Forbidden City Museum in possession of her relics used water pipe.

    According to records book of the Qing Imperial Household Department, in the Empress's tomb in the copper water pipe, silver and silver tide water pipe tobacco pouch. Water pipe smoking is also an elegant hobby, saw the water pipe of the National People's Congress know that the water pipe shape in the design interesting, mostly brass and copper-nickel alloy for the production of materials, but also tin and silver. It consists of pipe, straw, water containers fighting, tobacco warehouses, Acupuncture, Satisfy other form. Pipe to smoke a bowl, under which even a small tube, inserted into the sink of water, this part is often placed on top, about 30 cm long straw generally, but also longer. Following in the pipe, or tie, or a little interval, upper back bend, easy to smoke,
    Then insert the sink bottom, but the water in the sink above. Tired tubes, straws, Pelton is generally a whole. Tobacco warehouse mostly barrel, on both covers, to prevent tobacco dry. Satisfy the main connecting factor, tunnel section and tobacco warehouses are inserted in them. General part of the whole cast, elegant water pipe, or carving, or Rangbaodan, or embedded Mexican silver, enamel, etc., or burning. The patterns are flowers, birds, grass, insects, fish, some auspicious patterns, poetry couplet, and so on, with an interesting shape, then into the smoker to play with things, become a valuable artwork. Smoking was an intake, a smoke, two upward into the middle of a water storage, fitted smoke, smoke, the smoke
    Place through the water, can filter out impurities in some of the flue gas odor, but also issued a "Gululu" "Gululu" sound, like robins Fengming, sounds very pleasing to the ear down. Smoking in the elegant, something the points both to the material, it is the user's identity and status. As Empress, Empress of Smoking naturally in the superior list.

    In recent years, as reflected in the increase of film and television works Empress Dowager Cixi of life, people often see her breathe the hookah, side controlled the political affairs of the scene. That bouts of "Gululu" sound, the residual sound curl, smoke filled, the Empress shrouded in a mysterious fog. An item that cruel decree, a humiliating treaty article ... ... like clouds or fog to spit out.

    Empress why not sniff snuff, pipe down and not enjoying it carved exquisite snuff bottles, but it alone in love hookah? Probably four points: First, my hobby for Queen Mother, born hi addicted to this thing; Second, different from many men who have smoked his pipe, including the Ming and Qing emperors and the court since the ministers; Thirdly, the Queen Mother for the Manchu, Manchu ethnic portraits, like other smoking tobacco, snuff and the hookah smell the proportion of people, far more than the Han people, this is probably due to the habits and hobbies. Mongolians used to sniff snuff, of which there is a reason to avoid smoking caused fire ignition; Fourth,
    Smoking water pipes both elegant, and sanitary, not only enjoyable, but also add a fraction of the time for such pursuits.

    Smoking was divided into the palace of water, drought, tidal and snuff 4. The main raw material hookah Lanzhou Pisi, black hair, fine wire (made of silk cut all of the above name of tobacco) smoke of burning.

    Empress Dowager Cixi smoking, have been waited on, some tea lighter things, have to be careful little eunuch. According to the record: When the master to smoke, the eunuch to be kneeling on the ground, the crane leg water pipe clenched hands, stood there in my hands, always install smoke, blowing the ignition of paper media children. But also the time to master the cigarette lighter. When smoking is generally also has its own rules, but there are exceptions when smoking.


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