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  • Hookah History2010-04-06
  • Water pipe from the custom of ancient Persia. It into China’s exact age, has been unable to examine, more generally that in the Qing period, such as Huang Chun Jae-in, “Jin Hu seven ink,” said: “Qianlong, the Lanzhou other kinds of smoke, Fantong the pipe, water storage and absorption of, that of the hookah. “to reign, had” draft of smoke and all over the world. At that time the center of hookah in Lanzhou. View on the number of smokers, water pipe smoking pipe down those behind the.
    The shape of the water pipe, over similar. Generally have a flat bottom circular water tube was filled with clean water; water tube attached above the length of the two different thickness of tubes. One short and thick as the pipe, installed tobacco use; long, thin and curved top for straw, used for smoking. Smoking, the smoke through the water start to issue the rhythmic bursts of the “grunt” sound, and then into the mouth. This can achieve the purpose of smoking, reduce the smoke on the oral stimulation.

    Construction of water pipe is not complicated, but with the rich and the poor user’s identity or different, very different in the selected materials. With a copper water pipe is usually a few also have tin. Home of some rich, some also with silver; also the top in gold, or in some inlaid jade cigarette holder, agate and other precious stones. Those living in poorer, then use the bamboo.

    Small hookah pipe, smoking after completing the other equipment needed another point which needs its applicable fire. This fire rolled over for the use of toilet paper in rolls, called “paper spill” or “paper media.” This “paper spill” light after the flame, will ignite a fire after blowing, more convenient to use.

    Absorbent used in tobacco smoke, also with different pipe down. It is the tobacco drying off wet with water after removing tendons, then sprayed on the water (to about 30% water content), adding sesame oil (or other edible vegetable oil), salt, spices and other ingredients. When, after adsorption of tobacco to ingredients, then placed in a special wooden box, pressed into brick-sized bundles of tobacco, and then use a special plane plane into fine cut tobacco smoke, can be dry after smoking.

    Most people believe that water pipe smoking regular cigarettes, much healthier than pumping, so many hookah advertising is propaganda, but this conclusion is completely baseless. World Health Organization recently issued a warning that, in recent years is quite popular among young people shisha, chewing tobacco and other forms of tobacco products with cigarettes, as extremely harmful to health. Water, tobacco smoke and tobacco extract containing the same substances, studies have shown that the pumping smoke harmful to health.

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