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  • How To Smoke Hookah2011-12-13
  • Although there is really no one way to smoke a hookah, there are many variations when it comes to styles of pipe. If you suddenly find yourself in an Egyptian restaurant with a Hookah Wholesaler in front of you, here are some tips to help you smoke it!

    First thing to do is to prepare your clean hookah along with cold water, charcoal and your hookah tobacco. You should break up your tobacco and place it in the bowl. Fill it in up to the rim but not overflowing. Put in the cold water into the glass then heat up your charcoal. Make sure that the charcoal is read hot enough for your tobacco. Once smoke is going out of the hose, you may now inhale all the flavors and aroma that your tobacco can give.

    For more thrill and enjoyment when smoking hookah, you may add your favorite liquors in the base. Imagine rum with hookah tobacco. The scent and aroma of this combination has always been the crowd favorite. You can also try other liquors and different flavors of hookah tobaccos for more pleasure. Aside from liquors, you may also use your favorite flavored drinks like orange, apple, mixed fruit juices which add more sweetness to the tobacco flavor.
    For a cooler inhale of the Wholesale Hookah smoke, you may add ice to the liquid you are using. The cooler temperature you get, the cooler the smoke you take. There are other ways to add more spice, flavor and aroma to your hookah smoking. It is just so important that you do this for pleasure and not to get addicted into it. Nicotine surely does have an addictive factor which makes one difficult to quit smoking, therefore, if you are to switch to smoking hookah, you should know how to control your self. This should only be taken during social gatherings for more fun and not make it as your lifestyle.
    There are also some places where you can buy and rent hookah. You may also buy the hookah tobacco from these places. This just simply shows that hookah is now so popular that people take advantage of it to make profits. There are establishments called hookah bars and lounges where you can rent the hookah and have refills of the hookah tobacco while having fun with your friends. These come after the concept of cafés or bars. So, you get liquor, coffee, food, friends, fun and countless hookah refills for more enjoyment and pleasure.
    Or you may opt to buy your own hookah so that you just have to invite your friends over your house and do the partying at home. This is more economical and convenient. However, you should make sure that you have enough supply of shisha tobaccos. And also, do not forget the additives you may put in your Buy Shisha for more pleasurable smoking experience.
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