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  • Just a few places to get your hookah in Toronto2011-03-17
  • Sheesha in Toronto is enjoyed by many looking to spend a relaxing (and yes, legal) night out. Its roots trace back to India, though now sheesha has arguably entered the mainstream worldwide. The practice of adding flavours, though, such as cherry, blackberry, or mint, is relatively new, and has really taken hold just over the past 20 or 30 years.

    Sheesha (or shisha, narghile, mu'assel ) typically contains tobacco, but herbal versions are also produced (and available at some places listed below) which contain no tobacco or nicotine. Of course, the bubbling sound, gentle buzz, and overall sensation can be addicting in itself. Fortunately, there are several places in Toronto where you can indulge, along with a meal, coffee, or dessert.

    Here are just a few places to get your hookah on in Toronto:

    Sheesha Lounge and Coffee House
    At Bloor and Ossington, Sheesha Lounge and Coffee House is a restaurant, café, and sheesha lounge all meshed into one. On the restaurant end, Sheesha Lounge offers items such as gourmet pizza and goat cheese and chicken organic salad, the cafe boasts specialty coffees and pastries made on site, and then, of course there's the sheesha lounge in the back complete with hookahs imported from Syria and Egypt. Various regular flavours are available, or you can opt for "V.I.P. Sheesha," which uses distilled water and filtered ice for improved taste.
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