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  • New Hookah Recommended for You2011-08-15
  • Almost 100% of customers are satisfied with this new type of Hookah product ,and give different kinds of their positive feedback and comments back .They reflect that this new kind of charcoal is not only in a higher quality (even the first quality) ,but also can be used more easily ,effeciently and environmentally .The most important effect is that it can make people more relaxed and chang their life to a brighter direction!.

    How to get/buy it ?If you are satisfied with this special charcoal ,you can send them your payment in the manufacturer’s preferred form .It will be delivered by ship .After receiving the payments from customers within 2—3 days ,all items are shipped out through shipping way .And for about 2—3 weeks’delivery ,you can receive them .

    For smoking hookah ,this special kind of charcoal is usually compressed into round or square sticks . Usually ,lit coals are placed on top of foil which is placed over the tobacco bowl; through indirect heat the coals “cook” the tobacco to a temperature that does not burn it but produces smoke.Therefore ,it’s a kind of production that is very environmental

    This special kind of charcoal tablets are usually packed in a package ,and there are 10 included .The size of each charcoal tablet is 3.5 cm / 1.37 inch.It’s usually in a round or square shape .

    How to use it ? These hookah charcoal tablets will light up instantly with no trouble. All you need to use is one match on the edge of the tablet and this quality charcoal will do the rest.Meanwhile ,there’s no need for you to worry too much about its lasting time .Each charcoal tablets can last for up to one hour .Also , These first quality charcoal tablets will burn consistently and evenly and are simple to light easily .

    Is it widely used for all kinds of hookahs? Yes ,absolutely ,this special kind of charcoal can be used for a nargila, a shisha  and  every kind of hookah.
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