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  • Water Smoke Drunk Fans Of Classic Moments2010-04-09
  • Hookah, name nargile, commonly known as “Western Xia”, the pronunciation came out a bit ambiguous in Chunchi Jian has the mood to roll, no wonder that part of the Islamic style. It was also stated that it had rub the Arab literature, writer their ideas on the hidden hookah bottle. As for where it comes from Egypt? Turkey? Difficult to trace, smoked tobacco in the end what? Also varies from place to place. Let us enlighten me on this special Hookah smoking law.

    Pumping Hookah is a fine family on. Just look at the stand of one meter of water pipe smoking paraphernalia to know that it is a beautiful arts and crafts. Cut tobacco is made from the fruit, strawberry, apple, melon, and several other mixed fruit flavors. Smoking is the central filter is made by the brass, external long flexible pipe, the tail is the handle bag with embroidered silk and cigarette holder. Smoking base is decorated with gilt or gilt design of a large glass bottles, bottles were filled with clear water. Smoked tobacco every time a water change to ensure a clean and pure flavor.

    Pumping Arab hookah and cigars, cigarettes are completely different concept, is like drinking tea through the formation of culture, the habit of drinking coffee. Because the basic non-hookah nicotine, have lungs and the effect of refreshing, and even hangover, so do not worry about the health effects. Arabs generally have such a Smoking at home, after breakfast, after lunch, and before bedtime, are all enjoying a good time, the most suitable for family, friends, chat, I have one side of you together to enjoy a hookah, very comfortable and laid-back.

    Which is idle this to shisha had also prevalent in the 18,19-century Europe, in the end is due to the unique elegance Smoking, or the East because of its unique flavor, difficult to trace. Dumas also novel “Count of Monte Cristo” described in detail over this smoking set. Today, Guangzhou, people have no chance abroad to enjoy exotic, light color in the smoke will clear a Unit Hunzhe fruity smoke lingering in the oral cavity the lungs, the sweetness in the final float in the curl.

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