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  • A Brief History of Hookah Pipes[2009-04-30]
  • For centuries, Hookah smoking has been looked upon as an art form that’s been passed down from generation to generation throughout the Middle East. These water pipes were quite common during the 17th century, frequently found in coffee shops along the narrow streets of the region. Since this time, the Hookah Pipe, also known as a Narghile or Narghila, Shisha or Sheesha, Water-Pipe and/or a Hubbly Bubbly (all depending on your location on the globe), has inspired many great discussions. Such topics included politics, religion and everyday common events as the pipe was set in the ce...
  • Hookah Lounges: An Overview[2009-04-30]
  • Tags:Hookah Accessories    Shisha Tobaccos  Hookahs  Shisha As prevalent in parts of the Middle East and India as delis or Starbucks are in the United States, with one on every corner, hookah lounges and hookah bars, once quite rare in the West, have lately been seeing a rise in popularity here. From the friendly ambience of many of these establishments to the uniquely relaxed mood of hookah smoking and the kid-in-a-candy store variety of flavorful tobaccos available, hookah lounges and bars have a lot on offer. Much of this upsurge in popularity i...
  • Hookah Pipes[2009-04-30]
  • The body, or govde, of a hookah pipe consists of a curved vessel which holds water. A graceful stem rises from the body and at the top of the stem is a bowl, or lle, which holds the tobacco. From one to several flexible hoses, the marpuc, with a mouthpiece, or agizlik, at the end, are used to draw the hookah smoke down through the water. The hookah tobacco is heated by charcoal and the water filters and cools the smoke. The water gurgles gently, like a woodland stream, and, in the process, makes the smoke smooth and cool. The word shisha, which is often another word for hookah, come...
  • Hookah Tobacco[2009-04-30]
  • The tobacco used in hookahs is different than that associated with cigarettes, or, indeed, any other form of smoking. It is, traditionally, a damp blend--called tobamel or maassel--of fresh tobacco leaves with molasses or honey and semi-dried fruit or fruit pulp. Some smokers would add pomegranate juice or perhaps rose oil to the water, which added flavor to the smoke. Later, hookah tobacco was also mixed with fruit extracts, and in the 1980s tobacconists began experimenting with various flavors, so that now a virtual smorgasbord of highly aromatic hookah tobacco is widely available. W...
  • What Exactly is a Hookah?[2009-04-30]
  • The hookah has a long and storied history. Also known variously as a hubble-bubble, narghile, shisha, or water pipe, among other names, hookahs have been used for a mellow tobacco smoking experience in Asia and the Middle East for centuries. Coming to the Middle East from India, the hookah started out as a humble coconut shell. In Turkey, it evolved into the true hookah, becoming a mainstay of coffee house life during the 17th century. Hookah smoking is still very common in cafes and restaurants throughout the Middle East. Many rituals, of preparation, lighting, and smoking etiquette...
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